Freezing Rain Falls

The sky is black in early evening
the sullen skies pour forth
a gentle even, inexorable flow
of tinkling sparkling ice.

It sticks to earth, dried grass and steps
and hides the greenhouse roof.
I’m glad I took the seedlings
to a warmer upstairs room.

ice patterns in the frozen stream

The stream had ice a couple of days ago when the temps went up to 70 degrees.

What to Expect?

What to Expect in this Journal?

Are you one of those folks who reads the directions on the seed pack when its time to plant?

Or have you learned to read it months in advance, to be able to plan for when IS 4 weeks before the last frost?

Its a good thing that I don’t live up North anymore. Some places you can’t find a date that isn’t a few weeks before a frost. But I’m so grateful for the long hot muggy buggy growing season down here in the hills.

I’m not sure what to expect either. The title of this is not right yet, the format is not right yet. Heck, I’m not all right yet - but why wait around any longer?

Let’s get cracking!

I make a lot of errors in my rambunctious way of tending the growth of the garden. I read the books and ask for guidance from the Garden Club, seed providers and neighbors, and then of course, do what intuitively feels right.

Sometimes I ask the plants, when they are big enough to know what’s really best for them. Sometimes I follow directions.

Often, I realize after a while that I didn’t pay enough attention, or that my reasoning skipped a few steps and I am left to figure out how to fix the problem I created by being a bit too “free spirited” or just thoughtless.

More on that later, I don’t feel like confessing right now. Time to post and learn how to let comments come on board!

A grasshopper shelters under a bean leaf on a rainy day.

A grasshopper shelters under a bean leaf on a rainy day in mid-August ’08.

Welcome To an Ozark Valley Garden

Welcome to the Adventures in Organic Ozark Journal

This is the beginning of my second gardening year in the Ozarks. My first year with the garden and green house already up and “working”.

All that has happened here has been assisted by the wonderful Organic Garden Club which meets twice a month in the lovely little town about a half an hour away from home.

Our place is not quite secluded, but is quiet and peaceful. We are in the frost valley area, low and moist and lovely, like this:

Our little garden in the Ozarks

That’s Mid-Summer (Early August) ’08