Snow, Ice & Darkness

Our neighbors to the South, who likely figure that they will get less winter than we do, here in Missouri, are sadly under the effect of a greater ice storm than happened here. I watched the weather on radar and we remained mostly at the edge of the storm. Even so we have SNOW! It’s layered with ice, but still crunches underfoot to give some traction.

Ventured out this morning during a break in the clouds to see how the greenhouse was doing. Surprisingly I had to shovel the snow away to open the door. We never would have designed like that up North, but didn’t even think of it while building here. No problem, a little chopping and shoveling away and I got through the crack in the door.

There was a little one, likely a mouse who scampered down the hill, looking to get into the door and had to run along the wall. I hope he found shelter under the outside steps. Unlike him, I was able to get in.

Inside was darker than I expected, even with inches of snow completely covering the roof. The temp was a “toasty 40 degrees”. (This quote is from an old movie shown on PBS made by a master builder/woodsman of building a cabin and living in the way back wilderness of Alaska. His words described the inside of the cabin when the fire was burning during winter. I like to compare his strength and inner warmth to my own softee nature. He didn’t even have down, gortex or silk longjohns!)

Dark Day in the Greenhouse

Dark Day in the Greenhouse. And this is with the sun shining a bit!

Lettuce Seeks Straight Up for Light

Lettuce seeks the sun, straight up for just about enough light

However, it is not bright and warm enough to bring the seedlings back into the greenhouse.

I’m glad that I didn’t plant the next round of seeds yet. Think I’ll wait a little while.

Freezing Rain Falls

The sky is black in early evening
the sullen skies pour forth
a gentle even, inexorable flow
of tinkling sparkling ice.

It sticks to earth, dried grass and steps
and hides the greenhouse roof.
I’m glad I took the seedlings
to a warmer upstairs room.

ice patterns in the frozen stream

The stream had ice a couple of days ago when the temps went up to 70 degrees.