Divine Love Healing

Spiritually Sourced Energy Healing

Thank you dear ones who receive Divine Love Healing, for sharing here about your experience of the energy, the healing perceived, the love shared.
Body & Mind Reset
Rachel’s deeply loving and light filled work left me feeling physically vibrant and refreshed, and mentally soft and clear.  Like the version of myself before all of life’s bumps and bruises happened.  Very effective and highly recommended!
Loving Nurturing Generous Caring
I felt so nurtured by Rachel’s healing. She was very tuned in to me and my needs. Rachel is a generous, loving, generous healer. She will be there for you in the warm, safe environment she creates that allows the mind to stop its chatter and the body to relax and heal.
Helps physically and emotionally
Rachel has helped me with healing both physically and on an emotional level. Rachel has released allergy/sinus headaches, and just last week greatly reduced pain I have been suffering with related to a colon ailment that suddenly flared up after I had it under control for about 20 years. Possibly more important, Divine Love Healing helps me stay balanced emotionally. On some crazy work days I’m pretty sure the only thing keeping me balanced is the warm and peaceful light energy Rachel has filled me with! Highly recommend!  Thank you, Rachel.
Very deep and beautiful work that Rachel does of making one feel lighter and positive.
It's truly a divine space that she creates.
Heartfelt thanks
Truly Divine
Divine Love Healing really works.  Not only does it restore physical health, it also provides support for inner peace.  I truly recommend this for everyone!
Thanks again and much love!
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Photos by: Rachel Claire
Disclaimer: Energy Healing is not a substitute for AMA approved medical intervention. Rachel does not diagnose, prescribe or guarantee.