Divine Love Healing

Spiritually Sourced Energy Healing

Thank you dear ones who receive Divine Love Healing, for sharing here about your experience of the energy, the healing perceived, the love shared.
Debra Zachau
Wasn’t much of a believer until now
I have friends that do all different kinds of healing work and with all honesty never felt much of a shift. I know energy work is real however and got a real surprise when I started working with Rachel. I felt better! Physically better! Let me explain.  I tore my rotator and had constant strong ache that I was always distracted by. I asked Rachel for a one month daily blossom and one day soon after starting I remember sitting up in my chair surprised that the ache had shifted. The constant pain moved to intermittent. Then I over worked my shoulder and back slid on healing. Going to bed mad at myself for not paying attention I tossed all night with the ache again. To my relief by 2pm the next day the constant ache stopped and healing progressed again. Prior to Rachel I never got this far in my healing! I would alway re-injure.  I’ve struggled with this back and forth for months and within 30 days I’m so much better. Highly recommend!
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Photos by: Rachel Claire
Disclaimer: Energy Healing is not a substitute for AMA approved medical intervention. Rachel does not diagnose, prescribe or guarantee.